Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And Away We Go into Summer

Jackson had a great year in 2nd grade. He loves reading and math is his favorite subject. In June, we got to take a drive by Mount Rainier and splash around at the Fountain Park. We also spent a couple weeks visiting Grandma and Grandpa while Grandpa and Daddy painting houses. We rode bikes and the boys played with friends in the lake.  

Living the Dream in Spring 2014

The boys took swim lessons at the Y this year. They tried the climbing wall too. Nothing was too tall for them to climb. Preston also played t-ball this spring. He was a Diamond Back. He loved it and will play again next year. In June, Preston graduated from Wonders of Learning's Pre-K 2014 class. He was a proud graduate.  We ended the school year going on a tub boat ride in Seattle. It was the first time our family had been on a tug boat. The picture is not of the tug boat we rode but one that was out on the water with us.

Arizona Here We Come

Another great year in Arizona with Grandma and Grandpa. We spend one day visiting the Zoo. We had lunch by the flamingos. The boys also got to make homemade orange juice and go on an early Easter Egg hunt. One of there favorite outings was a trail into the dessert. They got to see a lizard, snakes, and lots of fun rocks.

Traveling in Fall in Winter 2014

We had the opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge this fall. It was fun playing on the waterslides and participating in the wand game. Jackson and Preston liked the video game more than the waterslides. I took Jackson down a slide that went in a tunnel. It was awesome, but his face showed fear. 


The boys chose a Christmas tree to put in their room this year. This is the first time Preston has gone to a tree farm. The boys ran up and down the aisles of trees.
We went up to Oroville for Christmas this year. There was very little snow but we made the most of it and still did some sledding.                                                                                                  

A New School Year 2013-2014


This year Jackson started second grade and Preston went to Pre-K. They were both very excited about going to school. Soon after school began, Jackson celebrated his 8th birthday. He had some friends stay the night and they watched the first Star Wars movie.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

We had a great time in Oroville this summer.  Preston and Jackson got to go to the Omak Stampede with Nana and Papa.  The boys also got to spend lots of time in the pool.  Daddy, Grandpa, and Papa went on a ten hour horseback ride up in the high country.  They had a good time.  Came out a little sore.  Brandon and Rodge also killed a rattle snake.  Brandon gets to take that off his bucket list.

Arizona 2013

Arizona this year was great!  Nobody was sick and we got lots of play time outside.  Jackson and Preston loved swimming in the pool and playing miniature golf.  The time went too fast and we can't wait to spend time in Arizona with Grandma and Grandpa again.